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Prepaid Electricity Meters

  • Creation Date: Saturday, 04 May 2019

Tenants have rights and, legally, the electricity supply to a tenant's residence may not be disconnected and thus while the dispute is ongoing, arrears build up and the landlord ends up either paying a huge electricity bill or reconnection fees.

For landlords, body corporates and managing agents, the solution to avoiding this problem is to install a secondary, Prepaid Electricity Meter from

The secondary Prepaid Electricity Meter is privately owned and provides a cost-effective solution with equitable benefits to both tenants and landlords.

There are all-round benefits to installing prepaid meters and keeping everyone happy and these include:

Protection for Landlords and Property Managers from:

tenants running up high electricity bills;
tenants disputing their bills;
disputes and legal battles between landlord and tenant.

Protection for you Tenant from:

landlords who overcharge for electricity;
unreasonably high electricity consumption;
not being able to monitor their consumption.

Landlords and Property Managers are able to:

ensure that tenants pay for electricity before consuming it;
protect themselves from large, unpaid bills at the end of a lease;
easily resolve disputes on the amount of electricity consumed;
use the sale of recharge vouchers as a bargaining tool in lieu of unpaid rent.

Tenants are able to:

monitor their consumption by checking the meter-monitor and adjust usage accordingly;
budget so there are no surprise bills at the end of the month;
know for certain that they are paying for the correct amount of electricity being used; offers a comprehensive range of Prepaid Electricity Meters, both single and three-phase, to suit a variety of situations from individual rental units and granny flats to large buildings and complexes.

Prepaid VouchersThe website provides extensive information on each product, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, HOW-TO instructions and a convenient, easy-to-use shopping cart from which orders can be placed. Once an order is placed, delivers the ordered meters to anywhere in South Africa within 3 - 5 working days.

The whole system is quick, clean and effective, customers are provided with online support and Live Sales Consultants stand ready to assist customers to make the right purchase for their circumstances if required.

The system to manage installed Prepaid Electricity Meters is surprisingly simple. Once installed, meters are registered to a central prepaid utilities management system. Tenants then deposit funds into a bank account nominated by the property manager who then credits the funds to the tenants Prepaid Electricity Meter. Once this is done tenants simply send an SMS with their meter number, amount of electricity they want to use, and their unique PIN code to a number and receive back a 20-digit credit token number. This number is then input to the Prepaid Electricity Meter via a keypad and the meter starts to dispense electricity up to the value of the credit token.

Prepaid Electricity Meters " There are no recharge cards associated with our meters. We have found that recharge cards tend to get lost and damaged. They also carry a replacement cost which people are loathed to pay. Recharge cards also cannot be credited from anywhere at any hour of the day or night." states Sean Wheller, Director for "Tenants should not be burdened, the whole system needs to be easy and convenient. When it easy and fair, it makes for happier tenants. I mean, let's face it. Nobody wants to roam the streets just to buy electricity credit. With our system, everything is done with online or cellphone banking. Anyone, even people with older cellphone models, can use our system. So they can buy electricity credit and can obtain credit tokens at all hours without leaving the comfort of their office or home." also provides a Prepaid Scratch Card solution as an alternative option for credit management in large body corporate or property management environments. The scratch cards are also available for purchase from and come in packs of 500 with denominations of R25, R50, R100 and R200. The Prepaid Scratch Card system is suitable when meter owners have a single municipal meter and a bulk discount arrangement with their municipality. The body corporate or property manager purchases the Prepaid Scratch Cards and make them available for sale to residents. They then scratch off the silver foil cover on the back of the card to reveal a number which can then be sent via SMS to the central prepaid utility management system and receive back a 20-digit credit token number. This number is input to the Prepaid Electricity Meter.

Installation of the basic Prepaid Electricity Meter can be a DIY job but it is recommended that all electrical meters are installed by a qualified electrician. Once installed letting agents, landlords and property management can take over the management of their Prepaid Electricity Meters.

All in all, a convenient way of managing your electricity consumption and that of your tenants and, best of all, you can order your unit today and receive it within 3 - 5 working day.

Visit Prepaid Electricity Meters for more information.