Do I need plans for a Wendy House?

  • Creation Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019

This is a fairly regular question that drops into our e-mail from time to time:

I am looking at putting a wendy house in the garden for my daughter to stay in.  Are there any problems or advice you would give me about doing this? I was also wondering how I go about getting plans for the municipality to approve and the approximate cost of all of the plans/approval?

Answered by Les as follows:

There are two basic difficulties that you may have. The first is that your property Title Deed may stipulate that you may only have a "single dwelling" on your property and building a Wendy house for the purpose of accommodating someone would not be permitted. The inclusion of a kitchen and bathroom facilities would be difficult as these would also contravene the Zoning regulations. The second difficulty is that a wendy house structure is not generally seen as being a habitable structure as it will not pass many of the municipal and energy efficiency regulations without serious doctoring.

The whole structure would, in any event, have to be built within your building lines which are generally 3m from your rear boundary and between 1m and 2m from your side boundary.

An option that you could look at if it were possible would be to add a "domestic quarters" to your garage (which your Title Deed will permit) using either brick or timber frame construction. You would be permitted to include a bathroom but not a kitchen. Building a separate free-standing structure would be difficult to get approval for.

The cost of submitting plans for approval differs between municipalities and you would need to find that out from your council local building department.

You can also ask them for names of people who would be in a position to investigate the issue for you and draw the plans if something can be worked out.