Building a perimeter wall: What are the restrictions?

  • Creation Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019

I want to build a perimeter wall around my corner property. Are there any restrictions as to the distance of the wall to the street? Especially for the corner closest to the street?

Les's response:

Any wall that is built around your property can only be built along the registered boundary lines of your property. There should be a steel peg in place at each corner which demarcates that boundary. If the pegs have been removed or if you are unable to locate them then you will have to engager the services of a land surveyor to come and find or replace those pegs for you. With any wall that you may wish to build along the street boundary, you will have to submit a plan to your local authority building department for approval. You do not need any plans for the side or rear boundary walls but they still need to be built inside the property boundary which is indicated by the boundary pegs.