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Q & A

Questions and Answers To Your Building Questions

Who is responsible for the NHBRC Certificate?

 I bought a property from a registered complex on sectional title and commissioned a house to be built by the developer and owner of the complex. The entire project has been successful and I can fully recommend the developer as an astute and worthy builder. My query revolves around who is responsible for the NHBRC Certificate that will cost around R50,000.00.  Does the onus fall on me as the owner, or is the developer / builder responsible for payment?

Building a granny flat: Where do I start?

I wonder if you could give me a bit of advice. I have the opportunity to build a house/granny flat on my parent's property which is reasonably large. Where do I start? Who do I contact to see what size house/granny flat can be built? How do I contact them etc? I would really appreciate any advice you could offer me

Deck awning: Do I need a plan?

I have erected an awning over my deck about 10 years but I am selling the house now. The person that is buying the house wants a plan or a letter to state no plan is needed. Do I need a plan?

Do I need plans for a Wendy House ?

This is a fairly regular question that drops into our e-mail from time to time:
"I am looking at putting a wendy house in the garden for my daughter to stay in. Are there any problems or advice you would give me about doing this?"