Advertising Oppurtunities on the All About Building Website


If you want to expose your business to more than 10,000 unique visitors a month and growing then All About Building is a good place to start.

With hundreds of e-mails monthly to our desk from readers looking for reliable contractors and advice on building, our advertisers will get first option to supply the interested public with advice and answers to their building queries.

Good day to you.

All About building ( ) is an active building information and advice website that is specifically aimed at the end user, that being the home owner or potential home builder or renovator.

As a professional architect, I have received numerous phone calls and emails from readers with questions relating to many aspects of the building industry, from product and building systems enquiries to dealing with legal and technical issues.

We have just revamped the whole site and will be populating it with new building related articles, videos, product and architectural information over the next few months.

I would like to invite you to consider joining me and play your part in educating the general public, not only about your particular business but also about your various products and how they can use them. This would not only be for their use generally at home but also on how to include them in the design of their new home or alteration.

We have put together various advertising and advertorial packages designed to suit all needs but above all, we want to publish as many “educational” articles from our advertisers as we can so that our readers are able to make informed decisions when discussing their various projects with designers and builders.

If you wish to consider advertising on our website and contributing to the whole education initiative, please visit or call me, Les Abbott on 0832326138 or mail

I look forward to hearing from you.

Business Listing [Option 2]

 Option - 12 Months All About Building Business Membership + Listing

  • Landing Page in the All About Building Website
  • Your Company Info Listed. Including Company Name | Address | Contact numbers | E-Mail | Website Link | Google Map
  • Images: Logo | Top Banner | Gallery with up to 12 optimized images
  • Text: Teaser Description: 30 - 50 words | Full or Body Description: 500 - 1000 words | Office Hours | Side Text: up to 50 words - Optimise text for best SEO
  • 6 x Articles | Advertorials up to 1000 words + all text and images supplied by client - valid for first 6 months
  • Category: up to 3 x Business Categories
  • Social media Welcome Package - 3 x Facebook + 3 x Pinterest Post + 3 x Linken Post + 6 x Social Bookmark shares - Only Redeemable in first 6 months
  • 1 x Welcome Advert on the quarterly Newsletter
  • Rotating Banner - 6 Months on Business category or Advertorial Category - No Home Page

Each article | Advertorials | Blogs | Press releases will be posted and or shared on All About Building Social Media Accounts  Social Book Mark Shares [up to  shares or posts per aricle]

Banners on the All About Building Page website - available on  the Home Page Bottom | Business Category Listing | Article Category

  • Option 1 Clients get up to 2 x rotating banner on Home Page Bottom and or Business Category Listing and or Article Category pages for 6 Months

FREE 3 Months Welcome Package

ALL Adverts | Images | Graphics supply by the client - post a link on social media and bookmark to market your company listing or article

  • 3 Facebook posts - 1 per month 
  • 3 Pinterest posts - 1 per month on AAB FB Printest Profile
  • 6 x Social Media | Social Bookmark Shares

Newsletter Marketing: All About Building newsletter Subscriptions: 

  • Once off Welcome advert [400 x 350 supplied by client] on the quarterly newsletter with a link to company landing page on the All About Building Website 

Cost of Advertorials [extra]

  • up to 500 words + up to 6 images with 1 external links to your company website = R399 p/article
  • up to 1000 words + up to 12 images with 2 - 3 external links to your company or another external website = R799 p/article

Media Kit [sizes] - To be Supplied by Client


  • Logo [350 x 275pix]
  • Up to 12 Gallery Images - [ all 840 x 640pix]
  • Top Banner [1200 x 400]
  • Side Image [450 x 640]

Text | Content: 

  • Teaser Description - up to 150 words
  • Description - up to 1000 words
  • Side text - up to 200 words - Hours

Social media | Online Adverts and Photos and or Graphics

  • Social Media Images 1000 x 1000 pix
  • Pinterest Images 1300 x 1000pix

Terms & Conditions:

  • All Information | Logos | Graphics | Adverts | Banner Images supplied by the client
  • Once paid we will send an email to complete your company information
  • Your subscription is valid for one year only
  • You only get 6 articles | advertorials free
Duration: 1 year
Price: ZAR6,000.00