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When building a house, particularly on a tight budget, the first place that many people think about
cutting is with the design of the house and they go for the cheapest designer that they can find.


I often use the analogy of the difference in approach when someone seeks to invest say, R3m on the Stock Exchange and consider the amount of investigation they engage in regarding on the stocks that they are interested in, etc., but will quite happily give the same R3m to a builder without batting an eyelid and then still expect a good return on their investment.


As an architect, I am often asked “How much is my house going to cost to build?” The real question is
really, “How much are you prepared to spend?”

Thinking about Building? Excellent Advice from an Architect

Any building work is an investment that could improve your lifestyle and be a pleasant experience or it could be something that you would rather forget about. How you approach it will determine which of the two it will be