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Articles starting with D

Deck awning: Do I need a plan?

I have erected an awning over my deck about 10 years but I am selling the house now. The person that is buying the house wants a plan or a letter to state no plan is needed. Do I need a plan?

Designing a Home Office: Things to Think About

These are just some of the suggestions people have sent to us and we've canvassed with the features they think are the most important to incorporate into a design/build of a home office.

Designing in small spaces

With the price of building these days being out of the reach of many people, designing small spaces that can be reinvented to serve a number of functions with adaptable furniture makes it user friendly and more cost effective.

Do I need plans for a Wendy House ?

This is a fairly regular question that drops into our e-mail from time to time:
"I am looking at putting a wendy house in the garden for my daughter to stay in. Are there any problems or advice you would give me about doing this?"


Dry Walls vs. Brick Walls

South Africans have in many ways been conditioned into believing that building with bricks and mortar is the only way to build if you want quality and that alternative building methods give a lesser product and are to be frowned upon.