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Builder vs Project manager vs Bakkie builder. What's the difference?

Many people are not aware of the difference between a Building contractor, a Project Manager and a Bakkie Builder and there is a big difference. In many cases, there is a degree of overlap and as with all businesses there are good ones and bad ones all the way through the mix

Building a granny flat: Where do I start?

I wonder if you could give me a bit of advice. I have the opportunity to build a house/granny flat on my parent's property which is reasonably large. Where do I start? Who do I contact to see what size house/granny flat can be built? How do I contact them etc? I would really appreciate any advice you could offer me

Building Cheap Could Cost You More

Tough economic times makes all of us tighten our belts and compromise is the name of the game in many different parts of our lives. When it comes to building, it is generally no different. The big question is where do you start with that compromise?

Building Contract: Do You Need One?

Do I need a building contract?  The answer to the question is always going to be “YES”. Without a valid contract between you and your builder, you do not have any security, no recourse, no guarantees, no terms of reference and you are seriously at risk in all aspects of your project from start to finish.

Building on a Shoestring Budget

Dr. Johan Dippenaar, one of our readers, sent me these amazing pics of a little cottage he built on his smallholding and it just goes to show with some ingenuity and lots of scouting around for good prices and great ideas, you can build something really pretty and very functional at a fraction of the cost.

Building on a Shoestring Budget -more

Most people's belts are so tight these days that one can almost not breathe.
The thought of building or renovating a home needs some serious thought and planning and if you are looking to build on a shoestring, then there are quite a few things to think about.