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Flooring Options, Tips & Advice

As one of the most hardworking features in your home, the effect flooring has on your home’s style, atmosphere and value should not be underestimated. Today, consumers are spoiled for choice with many different products to choose from, all depending on your style and needs.

Generators: How to Choose One for your Home or Small Office

The current state of load shedding and power outages in South Africa has caused many problems for many people and especially for those people who work from home. We have received numerous questions to the site from folk wanting to know what they should be looking out for when choosing a generator for their home and/or small business they run from home.

House Construction in South Africa-Timber or light steel frame construction

The vast majority of people in this country are only prepared to think of building their homes with traditional bricks and mortar. There are however a number of alternatives that one might wish to consider.

Is your builder insured?

When first embarking on the building of a new house, or substantial alterations to an existing property, it is important to ensure that adequate insurance is in place. This essentially comprises Contract Works Insurance which will include Public Liability Insurance.

Make an Adirondack Side Table

A simple side table is an ideal accompaniment to the Adirondack chair. And you can use this table anywhere in the garden or around the braai.
There’s always a need for a side table – especially when the family moggie is determined to take over the armrest, which would normally be used as the resting spot for your cup of coffee. And a side table like this is quick and easy to make.

Moving House

With a little planning, OK, some serious planning, you can ease the trauma by planning ahead of time and these are our tips and suggestions to make that transition a little smoother.
Print out the list and tick the chores off as you do them, that alone will go a long way to keeping your mind on the task:-

NHBRC- What it is all about

The NHBRC has a very broad function and responsibility within the built environment to see that a high level of workmanship is obtained through training, monitoring and inspections, all aimed at ensuring quality at all levels within the building industry.

Owner Builder – Important tips

As an owner-builder all aspects of project managing the job fall on your shoulders.  Here are some important tips to print out and pin up on your project storyboard. 

Read them every day.

Owner builder – Managing the Building Process           

Owner-building can be managed in a number of different ways with the assistance of a variety of different professionals.  If you are not sure which way to go it may be useful to make several copies of your plan and put them out to tender with various providers to get a good idea of the costs involved.

Paying your builder

If you want to avoid the vast majority of the horror stories that are told by people who have had a bad building experience then this bit of advice is for you. Follow this structure designed to protect you and still give your builder every chance to complete your project within the terms of his quote.

Paying Your Builder

If you want to avoid the vast majority of the horror stories that are told by people who have had a bad building experience then this bit of advice is for you.


The general cost of building in the business climate that we have is beyond the reach of many people. With that in mind we are offering a number of starter houses in a modular kit form where the complete shell is provided where the owner can finish the project off as and when additional funds become available.

That Old Asbestos Roof

If you found out that your house and it has an asbestos roof, what are the implications and what are the rules and regulations regarding such a roof?

The Design Brief: What Service Should Your Architect Provide?

 Building a house is a huge investment that hopefully will grow to well beyond what you paid. Like your investment manager, your architect has the responsibility of giving you a return on that investment both financially and in lifestyle. The first issue that your architect should be dealing with is your choice of building style.

The Health & Safety Act and You, The Home Builder

The vast majority of people who contemplate building or altering their homes are not aware of the content or the implication that the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (as amended) has on what they are doing.  The purpose of this article is not to scare anyone but simply to make you aware of the existence of the legislation and what it means to you.

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