• Creation Date: Thursday, 09 May 2019

SIPS buildings are manufactured using modular panels which are NHBRC approved and have an Agrément Certificate. Bank financing is also available. This system is very popular in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia and has been around for over 50 years. When compared to normal brick buildings, SIPS buildings have superior thermal and energy usage performance, superior acoustic performance, superior condensation performance as well as superior damp and water penetration performance. All in all, a superior way to build as you save on initial construction time as well as on long term energy costs.

Once the foundations have been completed, the complete kit will be delivered to your site and erected by a professional construction team. This will include the SIPS panel walls, the complete roof structure, ceiling, insulation, pre-glazed aluminium windows, doors and first fix electrical conduits (cast into the panels).

Excluded from the kit will be the foundations because they will be site specific and may need to be designed and certified by a structural engineer. All internal finishes like floor covering, tiling, cupboards, sanware, cornice, skirting, light fittings, painting, etc., are excluded because they will all be to the owner's choice and taste. The electrical conduits will be included in the panel manufacture but the wiring and fittings will need to be installed and certified by a local electrician. Plumbing is also excluded as it needs to be installed and certified by a local plumber.

The electronic AutoCad architectural drawings of the buildings, including the electrical layout and basic foundation/floor slab details will be supplied for an additional cost. Your local architect can use these drawings to produce the drawings required for submission to the local municipality for approval. Energy efficiency information will also be supplied for your architect to use in preparing the council submission documentation.

With the Structural Insulated Panel System houses shown here, (SIPS) one can build a starter house with the choice of two models.

Dove kit house 640[Above] The affordable “Dove” 82sqm (a free-standing single or double garage can be added)
For 3D Presentation Drawings, click here

Warbler kit house 640[Above] The “Warbler” 102sqm (Single garage included or a double garage on request) SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel System)
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Kit starter houses are now available as a complete shell and it takes just over 2 weeks to erect once the foundations and floor slab level have been prepared. The prices will be given on application.

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