before you build


  • Creation Date: Wednesday, 10 July 2019

When building a house, particularly on a tight budget, the first place that many people think about
cutting is with the design of the house and they go for the cheapest designer that they can find. This
often ends with a quick design that has less thought given to the finer details which can make all the

When large and small spaces are used creatively and where architecture and décor work together,
greater value is added to the finished product.

The thoughtful choice of building materials, finishes,
colour, natural light, ventilation and many other factors all contribute to making a building come to life.

Most people do not spend much time considering issues like creating wall space for paintings or space
for particular pieces of furniture or for sufficient space next to windows for curtains.  Walking space from
one area to another is often not considered with particular furniture in mind or where large pieces of
furniture can be placed.

The design of interior features that can range from stonework or brickwork to selected paint or
wallpaper finishes, etc., will often give that special effect that will turn something ordinary into
something quite special.

I would encourage you to share a pile of pictures of the finishes that you would really like to see in your
design. Your architect will possibly be able to include some of them but others will give lifestyle clues
that they can used to give you the “wow” factor that will increase the value of your investment.

Article written by Les Abbott. PrArch. L. A. Design Studio.