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Architecture: The importance of design

  • Creation Date: Tuesday, 07 May 2019

 There is a saying that it takes effort to produce a good design but that a good design is always worth the effort.
I often get the feeling that people are generally of the opinion that architects draw house plans or plans of office blocks or plans of hotels, etc.

In real terms, nothing can be further from the truth. Good architects and designers don't just draw plans, they design buildings, they create spaces for a particular purpose specific to the requirements of a client or a situation.

When one starts to talk about design there are a million things involved. Each item, from the positioning of a window, light switch or a plug, to the direction that a door or window opens, is an item for consideration and needs to be designed.

If one starts looking at the lifestyle of the client, then design plays a huge role. To give an example. For the ladies, if your architect or designer never asked you how many shoes you possess, how can they design your bedroom cupboard. If they don't know how much wardrobe space you need, how can the designer design your bedroom big enough to give you that space? I could go on forever on the many things one needs to consider in designing a house or building.

The point that I am making is that design goes way beyond someone doing a drawing. The design also has to add value to your property, not devalue it.

Architectural design is what creates atmosphere, ambience, romance, relaxation, entertainment and much, much more.
The thoughtful architectural design of your home or building is what gives you lifestyle and the freedom to be creative with interior design and interior decorating.

The proper design of a building and the creation of the spaces within that building will also contribute to efficient costing of a project because thought has been put into eliminating wasted space or to the inefficient use of energy within the building along with piles of other items.

The last point that I want to mention is that good design also incorporates the clever use of building and finishing materials that add the “wow” factor to kitchens, bathrooms, entrances, staircases, patios and the like.

So the next time you contemplate building a house or doing a major renovation, think in terms of design and engage someone who will think of the big picture, as well as the little details so that when you one day push your kitchen drawer and it silently closes itself, or when you are in a romantic mood and you turn the lights down low and the music filters through the house because of the way the sound system was designed, or touch a door handle, I hope that you will quietly bless your architect who took the time to think about those many little things that form part of good design and that made the difference in your living and your lifestyle.

Article written by Les Abbott
Professional Architect
L A Design Studio.

For more information you can contact Les Abbott on 083 232 6138