Choosing the Right Contractor

  • Creation Date: Tuesday, 14 May 2019

26 February 2019

You cannot be too careful when choosing a contractor or subcontractor, go the extra mile and make sure that you feel confident that you have chosen wisely before you start building.

Visit building sites, ask friends, family, friends of friends, your local hardware store, building centres and get the answers to all the questions you need. Taking your time about doing this will ensure that you get it right the first time.

This list of ways to qualify a contractor is comprehensive and may seem overwhelming but it's the first step toward quality control.

Here follows a checklist:

  • • License and Registration Number
  • • Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • • Liability Insurance
  • • Number of years in business
  • • References
  • • Financial stability
  • • Stable crew
  • • Credit standing with suppliers
  • • Cost consciousness
  • • Fair prices and payment schedule
  • • Quality of rough work
  • • Quality of finish work
  • • Awareness of material waste
  • • Market Niche: custom, spec, or service
  • • Adequate crew for size of job
  • • Adequate supervision for size of job
  • • Do they begin on schedule?
  • • Do they end on schedule?
  • • Clean-up procedures
  • • Success with inspections
  • • Cooperation with other trades
  • • Relationship between foreman and crew
  • • Relationship with client
  • • Responsiveness to problems
  • • Availability: Always available, answering machine, voice mail, email, cell phone, office
  • • Change Order practices
  • • Promptness returning calls
  • • Relationship to referrals

Do NOT sign a blank agreement form or make any cash advance payment.

Consult with a local architect familiar with construction contract law before finalising your agreement.

Copyright exists. Reproduced with kind permission of Tom Landis