What's wrong with my kitchen tap? Water splashes everywhere
Monday, 06 June 2011


For a year-and-a-half I have been living with a tiresome problem - whenever I turn on the tap at my kitchen sink, the water splashes everywhere, which did mean, though, that I probably have the cleanest kitchen floor in the world, as I am constantly wiping and drying it.

Not anymore!  I did some research and discovered that it was likely the aerator - so I went off to the hardware store and bought a new one.  It cost me R65 at Mica Hardware and I got home, took off the old one and replaced it with the  new one.  I cannot believe I left it so long to do this simple task!. I was convinced the kitchen sink was too deep, the water pressure too high, the taps needed replacing, the sink needed replacing - it was starting to feel like I needed to replace the whole kitchen. 

I am now a very contented washer-upper - kitchen-tap-runner - Diy-er.  I think I'll go run the tap again and watch how smoothly the water flows.

Pic below of my grungy old aerator on the left and the shiny new one on the right. 



Kitchen tap aerator
Kitchen tap mixer


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