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Monday, 24 March 2008

This is a nifty little tool to have in your workshop.

The PLL 5 Laser pen for perfect levelling up to five metres in length. 

• Projects five metres in length - horizontal, vertical or inclined laser lines on walls or ceilings.

• Wall holder for fixing to virtually all surfaces, allows for the fine adjustment of the laser
beam's position.

Laser Spirit LevelWhether you are hanging pictures, fitting curtain rails or laying tiles: the Laser Pen PLL 5 projects accurate horizontal or vertical laser lines up to five metres long onto the wall. These lines can then be used to mark drill holes or tile edges precisely level – without the awkward handling normally experienced with a conventional spirit level. And this leveling tool is small and handy: a pocket-sized five meter spirit level.

The tool comes complete with a wall holder that is especially practical. It is easy to fit the holder to any wall using nails, pins, screws or adhesive tape. The PLL 5 is held magnetically on the holder, enabling you to easily set the laser to the exact position. Thanks to the smooth contact surface, this tool can also perform the function of a conventional spirit level with its vials. This is practical when aligning furniture or when installing a washing machine.

The Laser Pen PLL 5 works with a 635 nanometer laser. This means that the laser line is clearly visible for a range of up to five metres. The laser line has a maximum deviation of one millimeter per metre which ensures that the tool, which resembles a large fountain pen, also meets the high requirements of DIY enthusiasts.

For more information, contact Bosch on 011-651-9600 or fax: 011-651-9880. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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