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Mike Simon

Hi there Johan. Just want to say thank you very much for posting your pool building project on the net. It is a great help for anyone who is intending to build a pool as a DIY project. Recently I placed an advert in our local paper (Mondeor JHB) asking for any unwanted building materials. Response was good and also got about 20 000 paving bricks from someone who lifted his driveway. I'm going to use these bricks for my pool. Was unsure how to build the pool with bricks but thanks to you I don't think I will encounter any problems. Regards Mike

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Now Of Sound Mind!
If it weren't for tuning into Cape Talk one morning, I would have long ago lost my marbles and be living amidst very expensive rubble! All About Building was featured and within 10 minutes I was on the line to Les Abbott. Talk about professional, knowledgeable and as cool as a cucumber. I was impressed and relieved.

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The small building improvement project unravelling at home now progresses well under the excellent, experienced eye of Les. The craftsman peforming these miracle tasks is also glad of the AAB back-up. A cohesive working team has evolved and I can now "stop taking the pills" and just resort to the G&T every evening after work! So if you are a woman x 1, or have a profoundly DIY challenged partner, get onto the All About Building website and surf around. Can't find the answer? Zap Les or Ann an e-mail. Your problems are their professional and expert pleasures and once its solved, everybody is happy. The AAB website is innovative, impartial and essential reading for us all, especially because the money belts are tightening and bank managers lurk in the shadows. The Little Black Book is a must-have for both client and supplier alike. And I now know what a "little fat piglet" REALLY is! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL ABOUT BUILDING! For making this essential service so user-friendly, state of the art, and for backing it up with real live humans with absolutely NO call-centre training!

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