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What should I look out for when choosing laminate flooring?

One of our readers sent in an enquiry about laminate flooring and what he should be looking at when deciding which flooring to go for.

Les's advice is as follows:

A good quality floor will have 8 mm thickness and be a Grade 32 and carry a 20 year guarantee.

The next best will be a grade 31 and generally have a 6 mm or 7 mm thickness and have a 15 year (or less) guarantee.

The majority of places who work on turnover will push the 6 mm and 7 mm products because they are cheaper and therefore move quicker and there are both good and bad flooring products within that set-up.

There is sometimes also a tendency with the thinner flooring to wear out in higher traffic areas or to warp under certain circumstances and this should be considered when choosing your flooring.  

Obviously the cheaper the product, the less wear you will get out of it.


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