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Choose window security to suit your style
Choose Window Security to Suit Your Style
September 2011
Window security is an essential component of keeping ourselves safe at home from break-ins by thieves.  We’re often put off, though, by the ugly designs of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s which not only make our homes look old fashioned but also probably don’t provide the sort of protection we need nowadays.  Fortunately there are a host of new options available and Trellidor has some suggestions on what to choose for different areas of your home.

See through security for a stylish outlook

Security screens are a great option for windows that look out onto lovely views, pretty gardens or a dramatic landscape.  Trellidor Clear Guard screens consist of an aluminium frame with a high tensile stainless steel mesh insert, which makes up the bulk of the security barrier.  You can see right through the mesh, allowing you to appreciate the vista while feeling safe at the same time.  

These barriers are a first for South Africa and were specially developed by Trellidor in partnership with Meshtec International, who are the world leaders in this type of technology.  Elsewhere in the world they’re used to keep out insects such as mosquitoes and other nuisances like snakes and monkeys.  The screens developed for our market are much stronger, having been designed for our local crime conditions, and have been strength tested according to international standards.

For more on the tests Trellidor Clear Guard screens were subjected to, visit  

Trellidor has secured the rights to distribute Trellidor Clear Guard in South Africa as well as eastern and southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.  To see what our screens and other Trellidor products look like when installed on windows, visit

Say ‘keep out’ with trellis-style barriers

A good way to help keep criminals off your property is to make sure they can see you have security measures in place.  If it looks like it’ll take too much time and a high risk of discovery, they may not even try to enter the property.   The street-facing windows of your home, therefore, should be secured with visible barriers such as Trellidor’s traditional double-trellis barriers.

There is still a choice to make here.  Trellidor Retractable Security, more commonly associated with security gates, can also be manufactured for windows.  The advantages are that the barriers can be opened to clean the windows or to enjoy an unobstructed view when you’re in the room (but don’t leave the barrier open if you leave).  

Burglar guards like these that can be opened also offer an escape route if you’re trapped in the room by fire or burglars inside your home.  An added benefit is that if your children accidently lock themselves in the room, you can open the window security barrier from the outside to get in and rescue them.

Or you could choose Trellidor Fixed Security barriers, which look just like Trellidor security gates but don’t open.  They’re ideal for any sized window and can be made to fit unusual features such as curved glass brick windows.  Because they match your security gates, they’re aesthetically pleasing and your home won’t look like a mismatch of security styles.

If budget constraints are a pressing problem, Trellidor Burglar Guards are the answer.  They can also be manufactured to match your security gates and give you the option of three different designs, all within a manageable price range.  

Pretty cottage panes for protection

Ordinary burglar guards can make pretty cottage pane windows look extremely cluttered.  An alternative here is burglar guards that match the size of the openings in your windows, and Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars can do this for you.  The opening sizes, however, have to remain within acceptable limits imposed by insurance companies to avoid claims being rejected.

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Trellidor Cottage Guard units are custom made to fit each window, and can be powder coated to match your decor.  There are few burglar proofing products on the market that can challenge the strength of this range.
This bathroom window is protected by a Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar guard unit that creates a cottage pane effect to large expanses of glass.

Trellidor Cottage Guard Units

Try roller shutters for a modern alternative to burglar guards

At first glance, roller shutters may seem a bit over the top if used in place of burglar bars.  But once you’ve seen lightweight aluminium ones installed, you’ll want them on all your doors and windows.  They’re sleek and sophisticated, updating an older home and fitting right in with a modern one.  

Trellidor Rollerstyle security shutters are very economical in terms of the space they need for fitting, and they roll up into a neat, compact shutter box, out of sight when not needed.  If you’re building a new home or doing an alteration, the shutter box can be fitted into a recess prepared by your builder.  It’s then completely unobtrusive when rolled away but still accessible for maintenance.

There’s a choice of slat for the shutter curtain, from solid to perforated to punched and you can also select a combination of slats to suit your needs.  The curtain can then be opened to allow in varying degrees of light, air and sound as required.  Roller shutters can be fully automated and linked to a central control system for ultimate convenience.

To create a safe haven in your bedroom wing, fit Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters to all bedroom and bathroom windows, and in your passageway.  You’ll then be able to seal off this area for a peaceful night’s sleep.

To see Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters installed on both doors and windows, visit
Roller shutters from the Trellidor Rollerstyle range help protect these windows and can be adjusted to allow in some light if needed.

Trellidor Rollerstyle Range

Trellidor Clear Guard screens are unobtrusive security screens that don’t affect your view.

Trellidor Clear Guard Screens

Trellidor Retractable Security is not only for security gates – it’s for windows too.

Trellidor Rectractable Security


 This front entrance window is protected by a Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar guard unit that creates a cottage pane effect to large expanses of glass.

Trellidor Cottage Guard Burglar Guard Unit

 Trellidor Burglar Guard security barriers are an economical alternative for windows.

 Trellidor Burglar Guard Security Barriers


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