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Plan for an expandable entertainment area


 If you’re in the planning stages of your home extension or a new build, now is the time to think about what you’re going to do to accommodate the occasional crowd. School holidays and special occasions often mean many more visitors than usual, and most homes simply don’t have space for a comfortable over-flow.  

Here are some ideas on how to cope with some advance planning.  All the products mentioned function as robust security doors as well as helping to add to your entertainment area.

Add a wrap-around patio to your plans

A wrap-around veranda is the perfect way to add extra space, particularly if it has a roof and you enclose it with roller shutters.  This gives you several options:  in good weather, open up all the shutters to enjoy the view and the extra space; when the weather turns on you, close the shutters on the rainy side and stay on the veranda; when it’s really foul, close all the shutters and your guests can stay on the patio as long as they like.

Trellidor manufactures a lightweight aluminium roller shutter under the brand name ‘Trellidor Rollerstyle’.  They are light and easy to open, simple to work and roll up and down far more quietly than steel shutters.  They can be automated so that you can operate them with a remote control from the comfort of your couch.  They roll up out of the way into a neat and compact box that can be recessed into the wall.

Trellidor Rollerstyle

Open up with see-through screens

If your veranda is uncovered or you don’t have one, you can still create the illusion of space by using see-through security screens like Trellidor Clear Guard.  Fitted to lounge or dining room doors that lead outside, they allow clear views of the exterior, making your home feel spacious even when bursting at the seams.

The Trellidor Clear Guard mesh screen keeps out pests like mosquitoes or monkeys, which is a welcome relief for those that are usually forced to close up the house to avoid them, limiting entertainment space.  They also allow in light but not glare, so guests don’t swelter in the midday heat.

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Screens can be made to match your folding, French or sliding doors onto the garden or patio.  Trellidor also make window units in just about any style.   The Trellidor range has been specially engineered to function as a security barrier and is an attractive product consisting of an aluminium frame with a stainless steel, industrial grade mesh insert.

Trellidor Clear Guard

Spread outside with stackable doors

A really simple solution to creating entertainment space is to fit retractable security gates to your veranda,  livingroom and diningroom doors.  You can open up as many as you need to spread out onto the garden, pool deck or patio, particularly if you choose Trellidor Retractable Security gates as they are designed to take up as little space as possible when stacked to the side.

When the multitudes leave and life returns to normal, you’re left with security gates that you can leave closed and locked while you get on with everyday life.  The gates can function as both a security barrier and external door if they’re on your patio or other outdoor entertainment area.

Trellidor Retractable Security Gates

All these Trellidor products can be retro-fitted, but a Trellidor technician will have to check if there is enough reveal space for the frames or tracks, and what type of substrate your home has for the units to be fitted to.  Find your nearest Trellidor franchise

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