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Monday, 09 April 2007

With all the recent power outages in South Africa and the outlook a bit bleak on that front for a good few years yet and with talk of electricity price increases, it seems a good idea to start working on harnessing wind power and, if you are building a new house, to incorporate this  right from the start.

Wind PowerThere have also been a lot of questions to the All About Building site about this lately and our research has led us to Hugh Piggott’s site, Scoraig Wind. Hugh is an expert on home-built wind systems and his site is full of news and links. Hugh has authored books on the subject and holds workshops and courses. I have not found a more definitive site on wind power than Scoraig Wind.

Wind PowerOn this site you will be able to buy books and plans on the subject as well as read stories from around the world of various people like you and me involved in building their own wind turbines and wind generators.  There are free downloadable pdf files for manufacturing blades and other aspects of small wind/battery systems.

Wind PowerOne of the people that Hugh put me onto in South Africa is Gerhard Jacobs who lives in Roodepoort and has successfully built his own wind generator. Gerhard has sent fantastic photographs of the finished project and in his email to us he writes:

Wind Generator"Our first wind generator is up and running perfectly. This turbine generates 12volt to charge a bank of 105 Amp hour batteries (I have 4 on mine meaning you have 420 Amp hours to play with).

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Depending on the load and the size of your inverter (12volt to 220volt) you have plenty of power to play with. Presently we are running a 1,5Kw inverter. This can run everything in your household except a geyser 3Kw and a stove which draws a load of plus minus 7Kw."

The photographs in this article are of Gerhard’s wind generator.

If you have any questions you can contact Gerhard on:

082 654 8366 or 011 764-3529 or you can email him at: jacobsg [at]



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