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Friday, 06 April 2007

There have been numerous questions from readers with regard to concrete floors, screeds and toppings and which is what and what is what, and after some extensive research, we think these are the best sites you can visit to give you heaps of concrete ideas and inspiration.

Polished concrete looks amazing just on its own, we really like that industrial look.

Concrete FloorYou can also get really creative and design your own bespoke floor using acids, pigments and dyes to colour the concrete. With stencils you can create beautiful patterns and even add bits of glass or mosaic which will show through. Get creative with metal like brass or steel to break up large expanses or simple "joins" can give the effect of slabs and they don’t have to be square, think about diagonal lines. You can paint concrete too or get an artistic friend in, think of pavement painting! The possibilities are endless.

On the Cement and Concrete Institute site you can download an excellent free booklet on Screeds & Toppings for floors and how to achieve certain desired effects.

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The booklet contains information on screeds in general and toppings in general, the definitions and uses of screeds and toppings, materials required, applications and timing as well as preparing the base concrete.

Polished Concrete FloorAnother excellent site we found is The Concrete Network with amazing photographs, inspiration and ideas. I have just spent hours on that site and just when I think that’s the perfect design, I see the next one. Have fun on this one. These are some of the images and ideas from this site. It’s the ultimate resource for learning about decorative concrete and well, actually, absolutely everything to do with concrete.

If you have photographs, ideas, hints, tips and suggestions for concrete floors, please send them in, we would love to publish your stories.

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