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Wednesday, 07 March 2007
While researching floors for my little cottage, I came across this amazing website with the most beautiful wooden floors with brass inlay.  Please click on the photograph to enlarge so you can really see how extraordinarily beautiful this floor is!

Wooden floor with inlaid brass I wrote to David Gunton regarding the floor and he advised me that "this particular design is made from Jatoba, a timber from British Guyana over in South America. The boards are 160mm wide and the brass is 10mm. The Jatoba is 10mm thick.   The brass strip is only 8mm thick.  The whole is bonded with a rigid adhesive to a plywood base which is in turn fixed or bonded to the subfloor.  The brass is thinner than the timber so that it does not become worn, scratched and dirty, so therefore does not need polishing.  The lacquer used to polish the wooden floor also protects the brass from becoming dull. It is a much more practical floor than one might first think, but is best used in areas of light wear so that there never arises the problem of having to clean up the brass.

Other richly coloured timbers such as wenge will also look fabulous with such an inlay ... and of course you can use many other materials such as steel, bronze, glass, plastic and interesting contrasting woods. One does not need to be limited by straight lines. Most of these materials are malleable so can be cut or bent to curves. We can laser cut anything that is too tricky to make by hand."

He also told me that the company makes floors all over the world and will be travelling to sunny Australia later this year to make some extraordinary floors in a beach house south of Sydney.   

David says that he is also interested in passing on skills to willing learners local to any overseas works whilst we are fitting in their country.

I think we need some of these floors here in South Africa and if you are interested you can contact David on email - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  You can also see more of these beautiful wooden floors on the company's website at

Thank you so much David for giving me permission to publish this photograph and the information and other great suggestions for inlays! 


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