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Monday, 03 March 2014

Clear front door security improves kerb appeal

Front door security needn’t be of the jail-like variety: virtually see-through Trellidor Clear Guard security screens can be retro-fitted, adding an element of style.

Security screens add value and style

Security is frequently an after-thought for home builders, particularly because burglar proofing can often be successfully retro-fitted.  Unfortunately this approach can also result in a cluttered, messy view of your home from the road.  This is not the look you want to go for if you ever have to sell, or in a neighbourhood that’s sensitive about keeping up the ‘tone’ of the area.

One solution is to install front door security that adds value to your home in terms of style as well as security.  This is where Trellidor Clear Guard security screens have found their niche.  It’s a high end security barrier for doors and windows that looks streamlined and elegant while providing an excellent level of protection against a break-in attempt.

The practicalities of Trellidor Clear Guard

•    It is fully framed in aluminium and can be powder coated to suit your colour scheme.
•    The powder coating process results in a durable, corrosion resistant product even in coastal conditions.
•    The frame encases a high tensile stainless steel mesh panel that you can see right through.
•    The security door or window has a high level of resistance under attack - take a look at the attack tests on Trellidor’s website.
•    Trellidor Clear Guard security doors and windows are custom made for a seamless fit.
•    The screen allows in some air flow but blocks out high winds.
•    They provide security without detracting from the view or aesthetics of the home.

The added benefits of security screens

Trellidor Clear Guard is a unique security barrier in that it doesn’t only provide protection against crime.  These security doors and windows also keep out other intruders such as foraging monkeys and baboons, snakes, flies and other insects.  

It is proving popular in areas where mosquitoes, particularly the ones that carry malaria, are a nuisance.  Windows and doors can be left open for fresh air as long as the Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are closed and locked, shutting out the mozzies as well as human intruders.

Another useful aspect of this type of security screen is that it screens out up to 60% of the sun’s UV rays.  This helps to control internal temperatures; improve energy efficiency; reduce glare and shield furniture from damaging sun.

Front doors security design options

Security screens can be manufactured to work alongside just about any type of front door, including:

•    French doors
•    Bi-fold doors
•    Double or single sliding doors
•    Fixed panel doors
•    Stacking sliding doors
•    Hinged doors
•    Double panel doors

Screens can also be manufactured for windows so that door and window security match in terms of style as well as colour.

Trellidor Clear Guard security doors and windows are only available through accredited Trellidor franchises.  Contact your local Trellidor outlet for more information and a free security assessment of your home.

Trellidor Clear Guard front door security screens add style as well as protection

Trellidor Clear Guard Security

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