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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Beware when re-using security barriers in your home alteration

Second-hand security barriers offer an opportunity to save money on home alterations, which is always very welcome.  But there are some danger signs to watch out for as they could compromise your safety.  Trellidor offers some insight into the common pitfalls.

Can you trust the source of your security barrier windfall?

Buying products via newspapers, friends or on the internet can be a great cost saver, but you could also be hoodwinked into buying something that you think is better than it actually is.  To make a quick sale, many of these sources have illegally advertised security gates and burglar proofing using the registered trademark ‘Trellidor’ even if they were not manufactured by that company.  

Don’t get caught out: do a little homework on the sale.  Ask the seller how they know the barriers are Trellidors.  Are they marked with the Trellidor logo? Do they have the original installation documents?  Trellidor products are quite distinctive, so take a picture of the security gate or burglar proofing in question and compare it to genuine Trellidors at

Why does it matter?

It’s important to know that a re-used barrier is never going to provide you with the same level of protection as a custom-made one.  For many people, especially DIY enthusiasts, this isn’t an issue as they merely want a deterrent that is visible to home invaders, who will hopefully try their luck elsewhere.  

This isn’t the way to go if you are looking for dependable security that will keep you as safe as is possible.  Barriers that are custom-made and professionally installed are what you need if you want something that gives you a good chance of keeping home invaders out of your property.
If you are responding to the advert for second-hand barriers because you think you’ll be buying proper Trellidors, you need to be aware that even if they are genuine you will have no recourse to Trellidor if you have a break-in or any other problem with the gate or burglar proofing.  The warranty doesn’t cover products that are moved from their original location because each one is purpose-manufactured to fit a particular door or window.

Repairs are another critical factor.  Trellidor franchises can only fix genuine Trellidor products, not fakes, and it is quite easy for them to tell the difference.  Trellidor locks are unique and patented , so if your second-hand security gate is genuine, your local franchise could replace a damaged lock for you at a cost. But they can’t help if it isn’t a real Trellidor, so make sure that second-hand purchase includes a full set of keys.

Stretch that building alteration budget

If you decide to go the ‘new’ route, your local Trellidor franchise can help you secure your alteration within your budget.  There are many ways of doing this, such as installing high-end barriers in high security risk parts of your home and more economical barriers in less risky areas .  You could also ask your Trellidor Sales Consultant about a finance option facilitated by FinConnect for Trellidor customers.

Contact your nearest Trellidor franchise for advice.  At least then you’ll know that you are purchasing genuine Trellidor security barriers.


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