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Monday, 22 April 2013

How to create a home emergency escape route

Emergency home exits are not usually top of the ‘must have’ agenda when planning a new home or altering an older one.  But have you ever thought about how you’d get out if you couldn’t use the doors, such as if the house was on fire or home invaders got in?  Trellidor suggests installing window security barriers that open.  Here’s how:

Find the right emergency escape product

Windows are usually fitted with fixed security barriers for protection against a housebreaking, but there are other options that can open when you need them to.  Your choice will depend on the style of your home and window as well as personal preference.  Trellidor has three different designs to choose from:

•    Trellis-style retractable burglar bars that work in exactly the same way as security gates, sliding to the side on a bottom track.  Trellidor Retractable Security for windows and doors opens easily with a key using a single lock point, providing an easy emergency escape route. 

•    Clear security mesh screens that you can see through.  This is new technology is known as Trellidor Clear Guard and is unique to Trellidor.  It can be designed to match the way your window (or door) opens, facilitating an emergency escape, and is robust enough to be a dependable security barrier.

•    Automated aluminium roller shutters.  They are lighter than steel with a much more compact shutter box. Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters open quickly, quietly and easily once activated by the hand-held remote or wall-mounted control, giving you a quick emergency escape. 

Choose where to fit your emergency escape window barrier

It would be ideal to have emergency escape window barriers on all windows in your home.  They make cleaning windows and window sills so easy because the window barriers could be moved out of the way for simple access to the glass window.  It can be expensive though, so rather select a window or two as your emergency escape exits, and fit burglar proofing that opens to these windows.

If you’re only replacing one fixed burglar bar unit with one that opens as an emergency exit, your supplier should be able to match the new burglar proofing to the old using the same powder coating.  In this case it wouldn’t matter that the styles were different, as the new unit would blend in colour-wise.

Practise emergency escapes with your children

Once your emergency escape window security barrier has been fitted, practise using it with your children and employees so that they’re well drilled should a crisis arise.  Once they’ve gone through the motions of opening the emergency escape as well as the window, they’ll know exactly what to do if they need to escape in a hurry.  Impress upon them, though, that the window is for emergency situations only, not for game-playing.

To find your nearest Trellidor franchise

To see these emergency escape window options from Trellidor visit

Trellidor Retractable Security makes a good emergency escape security barrier as it is easy to open with a single key, sliding to the side and out of the way


Trellidor Retractable Burglar Security


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