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Will the bank grant a loan if I have a letter of exemption from the NHBRC? PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 30 December 2012

This owner builder wants to sell their home and sent in the following question.  

 I hope you can assist me with a quick question.  We are owner builders, who are registered with the NHBRC but applied for exemption when we build our own home 2 years ago, which we got, now I want to know, should I sell my home will the bank grant a loan if I have a letter of exemption from the NHBRC?

Les responded as follows:

Generally, banks should grant bonds to anyone wishing to buy your house if you have either an enrolment certificate or a letter of exemption from the NHBRC. In addition to the letter of exemption from the NHBRC, some banks may however request an inspection report from an engineer or an architect stating that the house is sound and that it was constructed in accordance with the National Building Regulations.

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