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My neighbour has attached an electric fence to my wall without my permission: What can I do? PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 30 December 2012

Some folks' neighbours really take the biscuit!  This reader sent us the following question:

My neigbour has attached an electric fence to my palisade wall without my permission. The wall is on my property, can I ask my neigbour to remove the electric fence?

Also, my neigbour has built his garage up against a portion of the boundary wall, he has a drainage pipe on the top of the slabbed roof of the garage that directs water into my property. When it has been raining heavily, I have a stream of water pouring into my property. Sections of my concrete paving have been washed away. What can I do about this, what are my rights? Can I prevent the neighbour from draining his roof into my property?

Les replies:

In both cases your neighbour has transgressed the building regulations. He may not attach his electric fence to your wall without your permission and he may not discharge any rainwater from his garage onto your property.

I would suggest that you contact your local building inspector and discuss the issue with him.  The local municipality are obliged to see that both issues are rectified as it transgresses their regulations.

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