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Friday, 02 November 2012

How to secure awkward openings

Do you have a window, door or passage that’s proving difficult to secure against housebreaking?  Customised security barriers are often the only solution as they can be made-to-fit even the most difficult of openings.  Take a look at some ideas:

Contemporary window styles

Modern architecture and materials are sleek and attractive but sometimes also difficult to protect.  Off-the-shelf, standard-sized security barriers are simply not designed for this type of fixture, so get something made to match in terms of style.  Long, narrow windows like the one pictured are easily secured with Trellidor Clear Guard, in this case manufactured as a sliding unit that can be opened for window cleaning.

This product consists of an aluminium frame with an industrial grade stainless steel mesh screen insert.  The screens fit neatly into the window reveal and safeguard the windows against break-ins.  They do more than just a protection job for you:  they also screen out harsh sunlight, high winds and annoying insects when you leave your glass windows open for fresh air.   The screens also have an additional security feature in that they allow you to see clearly what’s happening outside.


Trellidor Clear Guard

Non-standard entry doors

Entry doors are often designed to make a style statement and are extra large, part of a dramatic portal, surrounded by picture-window sized glass panes or on a pivot system to open and close.  Again, customised security is the only way to go to end up with something that not only looks good but does a great job of protecting the doorway. 

Trellidor offers several options to solve these problems.  A Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutter could be fixed to the outside edge of the entrance way, and rolled up into the shutter box when not needed.  Or Trellidor Clear Guard screen doors could be designed to fit the door and adjacent windows. 

Or, as pictured here, install a custom-made Trellidor Retractable Security gate.  The gate fits snugly into the reveal space and is powder coated to blend in with the home’s colour palette.  When the gate is not needed for protection, it stacks compactly to one side, out of the way.  When closed for safety reasons, the gate doesn’t prevent the beautiful door from pivoting open.


Trellidor customised retractable security gate

Stairways and passages with ‘character’

How do you secure a passage with a high ceiling?  Or a staircase with a 90° change in direction?  By customising a Trellidor Rollerstyle shutter.  The aluminium roller shutter shown here was manufactured to take the shape of the staircase at the bend, so that when closed it completely seals off the stairway to intruders. 

This particular installation has a viewing panel inserted so that the occupants can see what’s happening on the other side when the shutter is closed.  It has also been fully automated, so can be remote controlled from a hand-held portable unit or operated from a control panel mounted on the wall inside the safe area.


Trellidor Roller Shutter


To see more applications of these and other Trellidor products, visit


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