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Friday, 17 August 2012


How many times have you heard the expression “never again” when people talk about building their own home.  This is mainly because of lack of necessary information needed to tackle the task with confidence.

Much of this information is provided in a detailed Cost Analysis, about 30 - 40 pages of detail necessary for a successful building project. This Cost Analysis can be used for:

Raising finance:  Take a detailed Cost Analysis, which is a true and accurate guide to the building costs, with you when applying for finance and this should facilitate raising the correct amount of money for the building project.

Take out the guesswork:  Too many people use “square meter” rates for quoting purposes. This can be grossly inaccurate and can cause either the builder or the home owner to lose money. A Toyota and a Ferrari are exactly the same size in m2, and they have the same features i.e. they both have 4 wheels, they both have windscreens, they both have steering wheels, headlights etc. Should they both be the same price?

Just the shape of a house alone can affect the price drastically  E.g. Two houses the same m2 in size but one house measuring 10m x 10m (square) The other house 25M x 4m (rectangular) Both houses are exactly 100m2 but the walls of the 1st house are 40m long and the walls on the 2nd house are 58m long!  This is 18m of walling extra! Almost a 50% difference! This difference alone can cost about R40,000-00. We want to stress never to rely on the square metre (m2) system of pricing a new home; it invites disappointment and possible disaster.

To establish the correct contract price: Most home owners get more than one quotation for the building work and find the quotations differ to quite a large degree. Which quote is the correct one? The high one? The low one? Or maybe the middle one?  Most of us tend to take the lower quote and often end up with an unfinished project and a fight with the builder which often leads to litigation. The idea is to pay the RIGHT price! Build Aid’s costing service will help establish the correct contract price. Both home owner and builder should be content.

To be used as a guide to progress payments: 
You have just met with your builder and he has finished the foundations of your new house and asks for a draw for this phase of work done. He gives you an amount. Question…Is this amount asked for correct? Isn’t it possibly far too much? How do you know? The cost analysis is presented in the various phases of building and assists in determining progress payments.

To use as a specification of finishes: A cost analysis is helpful when discussing the finer details of the project i.e. the size and make of the geysers or the type brick to be used or what shape and type of roof tile to be used. Again, this up-front planning helps the project to flow smoothly and alleviates last minute decisions.

To order correct quantities & stock control: It’s really convenient to know the correct quantities to order and to negotiate prices and deliveries with the suppliers. E.g. Part loads cost more than full loads. Unfortunately theft is also an issue even with building materials and knowing the correct quantities of materials will help establish if materials are going “missing”. 

A useful guide to prices and rates: Having a cost analysis on hand will give the user an insight as to the current prices and rates used in the residential building industry. These rates are not “fixed” and can vary from area to area and from builder to builder but can be used as a guide to see if the quotes are in line with the building industry norms.  A useful tool when negotiating “extras” such as light or plug points.

To avoid hidden costs and pitfalls:
The building of a new home or doing alterations to an existing home always seems to present some hidden costs or for unplanned items. Having a comprehensive quantity and cost report, presented in a “stage-by-stage” format prepares the user for the project ahead and gives clarity on all the detail involved in the building project.

Summarise: Build Aid will provide you with a true and accurate picture of all the costs involved UP FRONT - right to the last detail. Included are items such as number of bricks, bags of cement, lengths of skirtings and number of door stops! All labour detail and rates are also included. On receiving a copy of the building plans of your new home or alterations, Build Aid will accurately measure and provide you with a comprehensive and detailed cost estimate, including all quantities and prices as well as labour costs for your building project.

Build At The Right Price!

Visit the Build Aid Consulting website for more information.

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