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Friday, 10 August 2012

Today’s choice of burglar bar design is no longer between ugly and uglier.  Modern homes need 21st century security solutions and Trellidor has some interesting new ideas for homeowners that recognise security as a necessary part of urban living.  Take a look at what’s now on offer to help protect windows from break-ins.

Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars are clean-lined and symmetrical.  If you have cottage pane windows, this is the perfect burglar proofing for you as the gaps can be made to match your windows.  It’s also great for those large panes of glass found in modern bathrooms, because you can decide on the size of the gaps, although they can’t exceed limits approved by your insurance company. 

Trellidor Cottage Guard

Trellidor Burglar Guard is a good burglar bar alternative if you have budget constraints.  There are three different designs, with the familiar double trellis being most popular particularly if powder coated in fresh white.  The trellis breaks the monotony of the design, but doesn’t obscure the view.  The bonus is that these burglar bars match Trellidor Retractable Security gates, creating a harmonious facade between windows and doors.

 Trellidor Burglar Guard

Trellidor Clear Guard hardly even looks like a burglar bar.  In fact, it’s actually a security screen that can be made to match the way your window works, so you hardly notice it’s there while doing its job of securing your home.  They can be manufactured to suit any window design, from sash to fixed pane.  You can see right through the screen to the view beyond and never have to feel hemmed in.

Trellidor Clear Guard

Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters can never be accused of looking like jail-style burglar bars.  When closed they present a sleek facade and a formidable obstacle to potential home invaders without looking cold and bulky.  This is because they’re made from lightweight aluminium and can be powder coated to suit your decor.  When it is safe to open up, these shutters roll up and out of sight into a neat shutter box, letting in the outdoors. 

Trellidor Rollerstyle

Trellidor Fixed Security is the window burglar bar version of Trellidor’s security gates, but they don’t open.  Because they match security gates, they blend in nicely and aren’t as ‘in your face’ as conventional burglar bars.  They can be manufactured to fit just about any sized window, small or large.  They can fit snugly into the window reveal, provided the 50mm minimum is available, so there is plenty of opportunity to soften the look with blinds or curtains.

Trellidor Retractable Security is usually found guarding doors, but is often used for windows as well.  It’s the same product as Trellidor Retractable Security gates, so is unlocked with a key and slides open on a track exactly like a gate.  This is great for several reasons:  easy cleaning of the window; to open up the view when it’s safe to do so; and to use as an emergency escape route if you can’t get out the door for any reason.   If the window is large, Trellidor can fit a double sash so that the two sections stack neatly, one on either side of the window and hidden behind the curtain.

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