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Monday, 11 June 2012


It is always brilliant to get great comments about our building website. 

The following is a plumbing compliance question that arrived on our desk a week or so ago.


"Good morning to you.  I would firstly like to say how helpful your website is and thanks for the advice so far.

I desperately need advice on the following and I was wondering if you could please help me.

I have building permision and I have completed my build and also employed the services of a surveyor who approved the foundations and final build and provided me with a certificate and signed my plans.   Now I'm wondering if I have done enough in way of getting my build that included addtional electrics and plumbing approved.  Please can you kindly tell me what else I have to get approved and by who?

Thanks so very much!


Les sent back the following response:

Thank you for your enquiry. There are only 3 actual certificates that are required for alterations and 4 certificates for a new house.

The first would be the structural engineer's Completion Certificate stating that all the structural work is in accordance with his design.

The second is the Electrical Compliance Certificate which is issued by your electrician.

The third is your Occupation Certificate which is issued by the Council Building Inspector.

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The last one which is only for new houses would be the NHBRC Certificate.

There is no official certificate for plumbing at this time. It is normal practice for the building inspector to approve all external plumbing work before it is covered up and for your architect to approve all internal plumbing before it is closed up.

The one which would allow you to legally occupy the building would be the Occupation Certificate from the building inspector and he would require the other certificates in order to be able to sign his one.

I hope that this helps.
Kind regards,
Les Abbott

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