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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

In our grandmother’s day fly screens were commonly found on doors and windows, to keep out flies and other insects like mosquitoes, especially in the vicinity of horses.  Fly screens are still available today, but an even more useful product has found its way onto our shores:  security screens that keep out insects but are engineered to act as a robust security barrier too. 

This new technology is a first for South Africa, and was introduced by Trellidor.  The range is called Trellidor Clear Guard and we have some ideas on how to use them on verandas.

Corner Veranda Security Doors

Secure a corner veranda door

Trellidor Clear Guard screens can be manufactured to protect sliding veranda doors on a corner.  They operate alongside the veranda doors, on their own recessed tracks and are supplied with good quality locks. Homeowners can open up their veranda doors, close and lock the Trellidor Clear Guard doors, and benefit from fresh air, filtered light and an unobstructed view of the outdoors all while being protected from intruders.

Trellidor Clear Guard

 Keep out pests without losing the view

This home is in Durban where vervet monkeys have become a problem.  It had got to the point where the veranda doors were kept closed even at the height of summer, to stop the monkeys from getting in and destroying the kitchen.  The Trellidor Clear Guard units you see here in the picture were a humane answer to keeping the primates out, and the veranda doors can now be opened to let in the fresh air.

Trellidor Clear Guard

Extend the months you can use your veranda

Not all coastal towns have weather as balmy as that of Durban, where people can sit outdoors most of the year.  Even in KZN, however, there are days when it’s just too windy to sit outside and survey the sea.  Trellidor Clear Guard doors can extend the life of your patio.  When closed, they help to keep out wind, dust and sand and also reduce the glare.  At night, they can be locked to protect your furniture from theft.

Trellidor Clear Guard Bi-Fold Doors

Stack them away when you don’t need them

Bi-fold doors are fantastic to stack away when you don’t need them, and Trellidor can manufacture their screens to match.  They stack to the side to the width of one panel, just like your folding doors, opening up the patio when you’re entertaining and need the space.  They stay safely out of the way until you need them either for protection when you close up the house after the party, or to close up the veranda when the weather turns foul. 

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