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Saturday, 24 February 2007
Fixing ceiling stains.

OK, so while you were entertaining your boss and his wife for dinner last night, you noticed the surrepitious glances up at your ceiling and the pained look that passed between them and only then did you REALLY notice those horrible browny yellowy stains in the corner of the room on the ceiling.

If the marks are there because of a plumbing problem, make sure that plumbing problem is fixed quickly!  If it is a roofing problem, make sure that it is fixed pronto, but in the meantime you can fix those stains so next time Mr & Mrs Bossfromhell come around you can be sure that if they're looking at the ceiling it really is because you've made the curry so strong they're hoping their noses aren't running!

For this task you will need:

  • A dust sheet
  • Ladder
  • Household cleaner
  • A fungicide solution obtainable from your hardware store
  • PVA paint
  • Paintbrush

Those unsightly marks on the ceiling are usually caused by fungi growth where water has been deposited either because of unusual torrential rains that manage to find a way through that one roof tile that needs replacing or a problem with the plumbing system.

Before fixing these make sure any underlying leaks have been dealt with, eg. replace roof tiles, fix the plumbing problem.

Spread the dust sheet or newspapers on the floor immediately below the stain.

Clean the ceiling by wiping with a lint-free cloth dampened with household detergent mixed with warm water.

Add a fungicide (available at your hardware store) to the ceiling paint.

Repaint the stained area with the mixture of PVA and fungicide.

Tip: Buy ceiling paint – it spatters less.







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