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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


 How to safeguard picture windows without losing the view

It’s always a struggle to find the balance between the necessity of good home security and the need for wide open spaces.  Even well designed burglar guards and security gates tend to clutter up the view and add to the ‘hemmed in’ feeling.  Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are one of the few products on the market to solve this dilemma.

If you look carefully at the accompanying photograph, you’ll see what looks like a second set of sliding doors on the outside of the large aluminium picture windows.  These are actually Trellidor Clear Guard units.  They’re sliding doors that can open up when the owners want to feel the sea breeze and coastal sunshine, and close when the breeze turns into a gale, without obscuring the view at all.

How to safeguard picture windows without losing the view

The same product has been installed as doors on the veranda (see the middle section of the photograph).  These too can be opened up when required, or closed to protect the owners from inclement weather.   

“Trellidor Clear Guard was developed as a security barrier for local conditions, and is tough enough to ward off a sustained attack by home invaders,” said Nick Sacco, Trellidor Business Development Manager.

The screens have a myriad of other uses too, from keeping out insects, monkeys and snakes to helping save energy by blocking out the sun’s UV rays, reducing internal temperatures and the use of air conditioners and electric fans.

“We can custom design Trellidor Clear Guard to fit almost any opening style, including French,  bi-fold, sliding and stacking doors and windows, hinged doors, and sash, casement, awning and fixed panel windows,” said Nick.

The aluminium frame can be powder coated to suit your decor, and is, of course, very low maintenance.  The high tensile stainless steel mesh insert just needs a vacuum every now and then to remove dust and kamikaze insects.   

This is a high-end product that is finding increasing popularity as consumers become aware of it.  Where budgets are constrained, Trellidor Clear Guard units are being installed on selected doors and windows and Trellidor’s other burglar proofing and security gates on the rest of the home.  

“We always advise our customers to secure every single opening to their homes, leaving no vulnerable areas for opportunistic burglars to exploit, and this often requires a basket of our products as opposed to one single solution,” said Nick.

Trellidor franchises countrywide are happy to do a free security assessment on your home and suggest a range of suitable products, whether it’s an existing home or a new build.  To find your nearest franchise visit

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