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How long do I have in which to build before my building plans lapse? When do my rates get adjusted? PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Two important questions recently received from a reader.

Can you please help me with these two questions I have.  I am wanting to do extensions on my property at some stage.  What I need to know is:-

-  Is there a maximum period where I have to start building by after the plans are approved?  Or can building happen whenever, as long as it has plans approved?

-  If we have plans approved but have not started the building work, do I rates get adjusted as soon as the building plans are approved, or only once the work is finished?

Our advice to this reader is as follows:-

The time period varies between municipalities but generally approved plans lapse after a year. One can apply for an extension of a further year before the plans have lapsed (for a fee) but after that it will be treated as a new submission.

In most cases, rates are levied once the foundations are laid and inspected by the council building inspector. Again this may vary within the various municipalities.


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