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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

One of our readers has written to us regarding painting an IBR roof.

My builder put on the wrong color of IBR roof sheets. It should have been a light shade of grey but he put on charcoal. The roof sheets are Safal Steel Colorfast (slate color). What are my options to paint the roof a lighter color in order to increase heat reflection of the roof to ensure a cooler roof?

Les has replied to our reader as follows:

I have investigated a number of paint suppliers and there are only two  that came up with any answers. Plascon Nuroof is available in dark heat absorbing colours and white.

Users who have few cores or important Acer Aspire 1810T 3G Module Driver background tasks might want to decrease it.

All the others that I contacted did not have any light-coloured paint suitable for painting metal roofs.

White, therefore, is your only "off the shelf" light coloured coating from a major supplier.  You can also have a look at as they have a heat reflective paint and you may wish to consider paying the difference to get a full on heat reflective purpose designed coating.

I hope that you manage to work something out.


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