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Thursday, 01 December 2011

Preserve (and evade) eco-estate wildlife with security screens

It’s hard to imagine that there’s a down-side to living in an eco-estate full of indigenous plantings and unspoilt views.  Watching nature at play, however, also means taking the good with the not-so-good, which in some parts of the country means the wildlife that makes its home in marshy ponds.  This is where mesh security screens come into their own, keeping out nasty surprises without doing any harm.

In other parts of the world, such as Australia, screens are fitted to doors and windows to keep out the ever-present flies and other pests such as snakes.  The South African version has been adapted to local conditions, meaning they double up as a crime prevention measure.  “There are fly screens on our market, but Trellidor Clear Guard is unique in that we’ve developed a product that can is strong enough to function as a security barrier too,” said Nick Sacco, Trellidor Business Development Manager.

Trellidor Clear Guard is custom manufactured to fit any style of door or window.  For example, many homes on eco-estates have living areas that lead onto big verandas through sliding or folding doors.  These can all be protected by security screens that match the style of the door.  Doors can be left open when the screens are closed, keeping out wandering frogs, snakes slithering after a gecko lunch or monkeys looking for a snack.

“They’ve also proved invaluable at game lodges, particularly where midges or miggies are a problem at sunset.  We can hide the screens inside a wall recess during the day if they’re not needed, and slide them out in the evening so that sundowners on the veranda are not spoilt by buzzing insects,” said Nick.

More eco-appeal

If fitted to both doors and windows in a room, Trellidor Clear Guard screens contribute to energy efficiency within the home, which adds to their ‘eco appeal’.  Tests have shown that when closed, the screens reduce internal temperatures by as much as three percent, so homeowners can lower their use of air conditioners and fans.

“The mesh screen also reduces the harsh effects of the sun’s UV rays by as much as 60 percent, helping to prevent furniture, carpets, curtains and blinds from fading prematurely in our hot summers,” said Nick.

Wind is another problem that is solved by this wonderful product, particularly on coastal estates.  A homeowner in Kommetjie on the Western Cape coast is delighted with the fact that she can keep her veranda doors open when the wind blows, as long as she has her Trellidor Clear Guard screens closed.  Not only do the screens block the wind by up to 40 percent, but they also stop beach sand and dust from blowing into her house.

“The biggest bonus for those living on beautiful, natural estates is that even when closed, our screens are see-through enough to enjoy their prized views of the local flora and fauna, while providing unobtrusive security from intruders of all types,” said Nick.

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Trellidor Clear Guard sliding doors to veranda
Trellidor Clear Guard sliding doors to veranda

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