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Tuesday, 04 October 2011

One of our readers wrote in with the following dilemma:-

I have a cabin on my property and we never had any problems with our neighbours, now new people are renting next door and they making trouble for us because of this cabin.  When we built it, the company (that now no longer exists) assured us that we do not have to have plans for the cabin.

I need to find out what would the cost be to draw up plans and what would the procedure be with regard to the municipality now?

Les's advice to this reader is as follows:

It is unfortunate that so many companies who sell these cabins are interested in the sale only and not in the consequences of their incorrect advice regarding the legality of what they are doing. It is a fact that no structure can be built without municipal approval and so the building on your property is illegal.

I can only suggest that you contact a local draughtsperson and obtain a quote from them to draw and submit the plans. Being an illegal structure, the municipality will more than likely charge you three or more times the normal submission fee based on the value of the structure.


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