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Tuesday, 04 October 2011

A reader wants to install downlights into a hollow core slab and has posed the following question:-

What would you advise regarding hollow core slab for lighting as I would prefer downlights?  How does one go about drilling into the slab without causing damage?

Les's advice follows:

Thank you for your enquiry. There are a number of different hollow core slab manufactures and a variety of profiles on the market and you would firstly need to determine which one has been used. Drilling holes for lights in any slab, particularly pre-cast ones, will be influenced by the profile the slab that was installed and the position of the reinforcing steel within that slab. Running the electrical cables within the core to the light point and the positioning of the switch will also be influenced by the direction that the slab is spanning. I would advise that you consult with a structural engineer regarding all of the above before doing any work. I am sure that any engineer would also be able to advise on a suitable contractor to do the work. Cutting through the slab reinforcing in certain places could affect the structural integrity of the slab so obtaining professional advice is necessary.


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