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Tuesday, 04 October 2011

The following is a frequent question we get in from owner builders.

We are sitting in a predicament - we have planned to build a house in two phases. Phase 1 was complete last year with our own funds.

We have applied for a bond to complete Phase 2 and have suddenly been informed that we need to enrol our house, at considerable cost and time delays.

Having gone through an entire EIA for the DEADP and NEMA approval we are reeling at this new red tape.

Any suggestions?

Les's advice to our reader:-

This is a problem that pops up all the time. Home builders are incorrectly advised that they can sidestep the NHBRC and it usually comes back to bite them. The banks unfortunately do not grant loans either for purchasing properties that are less than five years old or for alterations to properties less than five years old, that do not have an NHBRC enrolment certificate. The problem is not with the second phase of your building as the NHBRC do not get involved in alterations. The problem is that you did not have your house enrolled with the NHBRC when you originally built it.  All my enquiries with the banks and the NHBRC over a few years has concluded that there is also no possibility that the NHBRC will enrol your existing house, finished or unfinished, and give you a certificate in retrospect. Your only option as far as the banks are concerned, is to obtain a personal loan to effect the work.


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