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Tuesday, 04 October 2011

A recent question arrived on our desk concerning drywalling.

I am looking for more information about drywall installation - and specifically how to do it and how to make it sound proof and fire proof.  Could you maybe help?

Les comments as follows:

The easy answer to your question is that you would use 15mm Firestop Rhinoboard to clad each side of the wall frame and a product called Cavitybatt (like a thick stiff layered blanket) to line the inside of the cavity of the wall to soundproof the wall. The point to remember is that the wall will only be as sound proof as any door opening allows, even when the door is closed, and the degree to which the ceiling is soundproofed to prevent sound transfer inside the roof space over the wall. There are a number of websites that will show the technical side of drywalling if you Google "drywalling".
I hope that you find this useful.


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