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Monday, 05 September 2011


A reader has posed an interesting question regarding the NHBRC warranty against cracks and leaks.
My neighbour downstairs complains that my balcony has a crack and water is leaking into their living room.  However, I am certain that there is no visible crack on my balcony at all.  Now she wants me to redo my balcony just because she believes the leak she's experiencing is due to our fault.  Please can you advise me whether the NHBRC provides any warranty against cracks after 5 years of building completion?

Les's response follows:

The NHBRC warranty is valid for 5 years and generally covers items like water leakage from roofs or flat slabs as per your mail. The issue is that the NHBRC will only become involved if you have followed the right claim procedure and before you contact them, you would need to contact the builder and get them to deal with the repair under their contractual guarantee. If you do not have any success with the builder then you can contact your local NHBRC office and see what they can do.

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