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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


It's so important to check your builder's credentials and know exactly what he is doing.  One of our readers wrote in with a very distressing story:

I did an extension to my house four years ago and since then we have been experiencing problems with the joint wall.

Every time it rains the rain comes through the wall which has now affected my kitchen units. I tried to contact the builder but he is apparently no longer in business.

I've also tried to put a claim through our insurance and that was turned down due to bad workmanship. The crack has now come through to the inside of my house. I then got Dampguard KZN to inspect the cracked wall too. They have submitted a full report, which I've sent to the insurance company, but I'm getting no joy. Can you please assist me as the damage to the house has now escalated and the damp is spreading. PLEASE HELP!

Les response is as follows:

The answer is a very simple one, and I'm sorry that it can't be better news.

You need to get a competent builder to rectify the situation and pay for it yourself. This is the situation that we are trying to address with the information posted on the website, because there are so many builders out there who do not do a proper job and then walk away from the problems that they cause by simply changing their company name and catching someone else.


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