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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Our latest query from Lazarus poses an interesting question about building on top of rock.

He writes:

I just bought a site on a mountanious area and my yard has rock which is about 1.1m high from the ground.  The same rock covers almost 50% of the yard like grass and, as a result, I plan to build my house on top of it and not make a trench, but resume with bricks on it with the garages being built on the other 50% of the ground.

Initially I want it to look like a double storey with the garages on the soil and the house on the rock, so my question is can my foundation be resumed from the rock so that the whole rock can be covered with foundation?

I also plan on building my house in a Tuscan style with IBR roofing, which will be sitting on block bricks, so can the foundation be built using maxi bricks instead of small dual line bricks.

I would be very glad for your assistance and advice.

Les's advice to Lazarus is as follows:-

There is no difficulty building your walls directly on rock with no foundations as such, other than to cast something in order to give yourself a level surface on which to construct your walls. The only requirement would be that an Engineer certifies that the rock is suitable to found on and gives a Certificate to state that the walls are founded on adequate founding material. There would also not be any difficulty with constructing your foundation walls with maxi bricks in the same way as you would with standard stock bricks with a filled in cavity.

I hope that this helps you.

Kind regards.
Les Abbott
Technical and Marketing


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