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Friday, 15 July 2011
An interesting question was asked by a reader last week regarding who is responsible for the Windows and Doors Schedule.
I am a new supplier of windows and doors to the building industry. I received a drawing from a builder showing the plan and elevations of a house to price on the doors and windows. There is no Window and Door Schedule or Specification available and I have to price straight off the drawings.
I have a few questions. The first is whether I am responsible for working out the correct sizes and setting the quality of the windows that I price on? The builder has requested that I give the cheapest price possible. Secondly, am I responsible for supplying the correct quality of windows and what happens if I make a mistake because of something that I might have missed on the drawings? What happens if the owner does not like the quality of the windows that the builder has ordered from me once they have been installed. Can I be held liable in any way?

Les's response to  our reader follows:-
This is something that I see in the building industry all the time, particularly where small time builders are concerned. I am aware that many architects and designers do not provide a specification for their projects or a Window and Door Schedule and they often do not specify either quality or quantity, preferring to leave the choice of many of the finishing materials to the builder. Without a Window and Door schedule or a Specification it is open season for anyone to supply anything they feel like whether it is a good product or not.

I do it in order to firstly set a minimum quality standard and thereby getting all the suppliers quoting on the same thing and secondly to avoid problems relating to incorrect interpretation of the drawing and mistakes in the size and quantity of windows and doors being made by either the builder or the supplier.

All I can only advise is that you set your quote out in such a way as to state certain thickness criteria that you have used in your window and door frames and to clearly state the quantity of each unit that you have quoted on. I would further add a note on the quote regarding whether glazing is included or not and then also a disclaimer regarding the fact that you have taken the sizes and quantities of the items required directly off the drawings as no Window and Door Schedule or Specification was provided. Lastly I would add that the quantity, quality and size of each unit is confirmed by the builder before placing the order.

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