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Thursday, 23 June 2011


We often get this question from readers needing advice about their neighbours building close to a boundary wall.

Please help!

All I want to know is how close our neighbour can build to our dividing wall? Do I wait until he has finished his building to do something about it, or stop it before it even starts?

Les responds as follows:

The answer to your question lies with the Zoning (Town Planning or Building Department) section of your local municipality.

The Zoning regulations for your particular area will give you the distance from any boundary on a property in your area that one can build on. There are also rules governing departures from those regulations which you will have to look at as well. The distances vary from suburb to suburb and even sometimes street to street and can be anywhere from zero (on the boundary) to 3m or more.

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If your neighbour is working from a municipality approved plan then chances are that he has met the requirements, provided of course that he is building in accordance with that plan.

You do not have to wait until the building is finished before lodging an objection but I would investigate and ascertain the facts first.

I would advise that you contact your local municipality building department and enquire regarding the building line distances for your particular area and take it from there.


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