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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Plan ahead for built-in front door security

May 2011

South Africans are blessed with wonderful weather for the most part of the year, so keeping doors closed for security reasons is a nuisance and a terrible waste of one of our greatest assets.  We like to leave doors open to let the sun stream in, to let the dogs gaze out (and give a warning bark) at passers-by, or just to let in some fresh air. 

If we plan for it up-front in a new build or alteration, it’s possible to conceal some security doors when they’re not in use.  Retro-fitted security can also be less ‘in your face’ if properly planned.  Here are some plan-ahead options from Trellidor to help secure your front door, or other external doors, without having to keep it closed all the time.

Retractable Security Gates

These are traditional trellis-style security gates.  The ‘Trellidor Retractable Security’ range offers several different strengths and can be fitted to windows too. They have a neat and compact sash when opened, and operate very smoothly. 

The sash stacks neatly to the side when opened, and when closed they offer a degree of protection while your front door is open.  Don’t ever leave the house with the doors open like this, though, as opportunistic thieves may take advantage of your absence.

If planned in advance, this type of security gate can be recessed into a wall panel or cavity when opened, so that they disappear from sight completely when not in use.  This is a particularly useful idea for patios and homes with lovely views.  Discuss this with your builder and Trellidor sales consultant so that the recess space can be designed into your plans.

‘See-through’ security screens

Trellidor manufactures a unique security screen that allows you clear views of the outside while still offering security.  Called ‘Trellidor Clear Guard’, they have an aluminium frame with a high tensile stainless steel mesh insert.  They look particularly attractive on entrance doors as they don’t detract from the door itself.  They also allow you to see what’s happening outside without any effort at all.

The screens are being installed in South African homes for reasons other than security.  Their mesh insert acts as an obstruction, so they’re proving their worth in areas where monkeys, baboons, snakes, mosquitoes, flies and other insects are a constant nuisance.  

Trellidor Clear Guard screens can easily be retro-fitted to existing homes, and there are lots of styles to choose from for doors and windows.  For example, the sliding window versions are ideal for rooms where space is limited as they don’t require much space to open for access to your windows.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters are not the first form of security that springs to mind for front doors.  We’re more used to seeing them fronting shops or offices.  Aluminium versions, however, are lightweight and relatively quiet, making them ideal for certain domestic circumstances.  They can also be fully automated and remote controlled, which is incredibly convenient when you’ve already retired for the night but forgotten to close up the house.

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‘Trellidor Rollerstyle’ aluminium roller shutters can be retro-fitted and have one of the neatest, most compact shutter boxes on the market.  If planned in advance, however, the shutters can be rolled up into a concealed cavity above the door or window so that it’s out of sight when not being used.  The cavity is still accessible for maintenance purposes.

Trellidor offers several slat options, from solid slats that offer a complete black-out, to vented or punched slats that allow in some light and air and allow you to see what’s happening outside.   The solid slat curtains are ideal for home entertainment rooms that need to be darkened even during the day.  You can also choose a combination of slats, opting for a panel of punched slats that allow you to see what’s happening on the other side of the shutter for security reasons.

To see some attractive installations of all these front door security options, visit

 Trellidor Clear Guard:

Security screens from Trellidor Clear Guard give you clear views of the outside as well as offering a degree of protection against intrusions ranging from criminals to mosquitoes and monkeys


Trellidor Clearguard


Trellidor Retractable Security:

Trellidor Retractable Security barriers stack neatly to one side when not in use


Trellidor Retractable Security


Trellidor Rollerstyle:

Aluminium roller shutters from Trellidor Rollerstyle are ideal for external doors


Trellidor Rollerstyle




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