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What is the required distance between a swimming pool and a braai room? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 May 2011
An interesting question arrived on our desk from a reader who wrote to us regarding a braai room they want to build:

"We are wanting to build a braai room and wanted to know what the distance should be from the swimming pool to the wall of the braai room and, also, can we build onto the boundary wall, or how far should we be from the boundary?"

Les advised our reader as follows:

There are a number of difficulties with giving you an answer to the question because the issue is controlled by the municipal zoning regulations for your particular area and may even differ between streets, let alone towns.

Generally, there is a 1m gap called for between a pool and any structure but, with structural engineering design, this can be relaxed to zero, as it is all to do with the proximity of the foundations of the other structures around the pool. The zoning regulations supplied by your local council building department would be able to give you guidelines for your area.

Likewise, building onto the property boundary is also not generally permitted, particularly if the building is part of the main dwelling or can be considered as being a habitable structure. Within the zoning regulations, however, allowance is made for certain structures, like garages and lapas, to be constructed with consent from all your neighbours depending on the location, the aesthetic of the structure and the use thereof.

It would be best to enquire from your local council building section as to their regulations for your area.

I hope that this helps.



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