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Sunday, 27 March 2011

One of the factors that will make your house colder than it should be this winter is a draught. Draughts are caused by badly fitting windows and doors and are seldom thought about by the average home owner.

It is however, a relatively inexpensive and easy exercise to seal doors and windows as a DIY exercise and the results will be noticeable. This will in many cases also prevent wind driven rain from getting in. There are a number of easy to use sponge tape products on the market, suitable for various applications that one can get from most hardware stores or builders merchants.

Another area that many people forget about is the fireplace chimney, for those who have one. Blocking off the chimney flue with a timber board is again not a difficult exercise but it will prevent a fair draught if you can close it off. Just remember to remove the board before you light any fires.

Stop the draught and stay cosy.

Article written by Les Abbott
L A Design Studio

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