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Sealing gaps around the bath PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 January 2011

I bought an old cottage and I'm busy doing it up.  One of the problems is the old sealant around the bath, which has come away in place and was grimy in other places. Yuck!  But, this can be fixed pretty easily and quickly using a sealant with a gun, but make sure you buy the right sealant.  There are various types and for a bath you really need to use a silicone-rubber sealant.  Anyway, check with your friendly hardware store fellow - he will point you in the right direction. 

Of course, your prep work must be done properly first.  Remove old sealant, clean the area, etc.  Make sure the surface is clean and thoroughly dry.  Really, really dry.

Here's a very handy tip to remember, especially if your bath is an acrylic bath, because they flex when they're filled with water - make sure you fill the bath with water before you use the sealant. 

Then run masking tape along the wall and masking tape along the rim of the bath, leaving the area exposed that needs sealing.  Fill the space between the masking tape with sealant and immediately peel off the masking tape.  Smooth the surface with a wet finger and allow to dry. 


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